Hot Crack Filling Services in New Berlin, Hales Corners, Greendale, Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin

Water is the most destructive element to pavement.

No matter where you live, chances are that the elements have a hard time making up their mind or staying committed to one type of weather condition. Hot then cold, sunny then rainy, ice, snow, salt… All these things and more contribute to the breakdown of your asphalt paved surface. Dips, holes and cracking will appear and that lustrous sheen you remember from back when that service was newly paved will fade and fade.

Though these conditions are bound to rear their ugly heads there’s no reason to put up with them. AAA Asphalt LLC is here to help both you and your asphalt paved surface through the rough spots. AAA Asphalt LLC can fill in those cracks and dips and apply a new coat of sealant in an effort to make your driveway or other asphalt covered surface look like the day it was laid.

With quality materials and workmanship we will see to it that you are the proud owner of a handsome looking driveway or other covered surface once again.

What’s the difference between Crack Sealing and Crack Filling?

Filling or sealing pavement cracks to prevent water from further damaging asphalt and from entering the base and sub base will extend the pavement life by as many as three to five years.

Crack Sealing

is the placement of specialized treatment materials above and/or into working cracks to prevent the intrusion of water or incompressible material, such as sand, stone, and dirt.

Crack Filling

is the placement of ordinary treatment materials into non-working cracks to substantially reduce infiltration of water and to reinforce the adjacent pavement. Pavement cracks should be filled every year in attempt to delay major reconstruction. Hot rubberized liquid asphalt is applied to the cracks in asphalt, preventing water from seeping thru and compromising the base or sub-base.

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